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Venue Annual Subscription

£100.00 Exc VAT. / year

For an affordable annual fee, boost your business’s online presence with EventfulDay’s Annual Listing Package. Maximises exposure, attracts potential customers and generates leads on a targetted audience of customers who are looking for your specific service.



Enhance your business’s online visibility with our Annual Listing Package. This annual listing connects you with potential customers and generates valuable leads. Open the doors to new opportunities with this exclusive package that will allow you to list your business’s services on the EventfulDay system.

  • A one-off annual fee allowing you to list your business.
  • Tailor your business listing with images, descriptions, videos and unique selling points.
  • Reach your ideal audience with our system that connects you with customers looking for your specific services.
  • Gain valuable insights with access to data on profile views and customer interactions.
  • Feature your listing ensuring you are top of the list in the search results. *

This price is for one listing per annum. If you have any questions please contact EventfulDay and we’d be happy to help.

*Please note, featured listings are at an additional charge. Featured listings guarantee you are listed above non-featured listings but do not guarantee you are listed at the top of search results –¬†this can vary depending on other featured packages and the users ‘order by’ selection.


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